Sunday Service times:

8.30am Holy Communion
(every Sunday)

Family Service (1st Sunday)
Parish Communion (3rd Sunday)
Morning Prayer (2nd, 4th Sun)

Informal Service in Heyn Hall
Visit the1202 for more info.

Holy Communion and
Ministry of Healing (1st Sunday)
Compline (2nd, 3rd Sunday)
Sung Evening Prayer (3rd Sunday)

MIdweek Service times:

11am Holy Communion

7.30pm Healer Prayer Service

St Mark's Parish Office:
2 Sydenham Avenue,
Belfast BT4 2DR,
Northern Ireland.
Telephone: 028 9065 4090


Our Vision

'We want to challenge ourselves in the community of St Mark's,
that we will become more effective in bringing people to Christ.'

What does this mean? A few key words from the statement hopefully help explain.

Challenge: we don't ever want to be in a place where our faith is so comfy it doesn't make us think. We must take seriously our call to be disciples always Growing in Christ.

Community of St Mark's: We are a community of faith and we are called to care for each other, but we are also called to play our part in the wider Community of East Belfast.

Bringing people to Christ: This is the reason the Church exists - nothing brings God greater joy than people leading others to commit their lives to him. It is ultimately what we are all called to as disciples.

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